We give experienced Producers a cozy home with great base salaries, superb benefits, and guilt-free vacation time. We also ensure they’re a part of Tiny’s financial success by giving some of the most generous, no-nonsense commissions in the business on any work they bring in.

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Associate Producer

Have at least 2 years experience at another creative agency in town? Do you never miss a detail in your work? Do you dream in movie trailers? Will you never stop until you one day become the best Producer in the whole universe?

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Feel the rhythm? Got that beat? Searching for the perfect place to cut it up? Send us your reel!

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Assistant Editor

Have at least one year experience working in post? Do people tell you “Nobody does QC better than you do, Stan!!!” Can you keep a level head during the wackiest of times? Then show us you got the goods. Also, you don’t need to be named Stan…but it may help. Stan’s are generally hard workers.

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Are you still a full-time student? Not sure what you want to do, but sure you want to work in Hollywood? Look no further and apply to Tiny University!  Points for being over 21 and having mad beer pong skills.

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